"Through the Eyes" Traveling Vietnam Museum

A tremendous Creation by John Hosier.

John Hosier
John "Fibley" Hosier

John Hosier is an amazing person. He was assigned to an infantry unit in the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam. He was wounded in combat and after he recovered from his wounds he was profiled and assigned to a job in the company orderly room. That did not suit him well and after altercations with the first sergeant he was handed a 35 mm camera and told to go take some pictures. He served the remainder of his tour going out in the field with 173rd combat units and taking pictures for the PIO (Public Information Office).

He pursued his new job as a combat photographer with a passion and a drive that gave him a wider perspective of the war and the people taking part in it including the famous actor Fess Parker. During that time he accumulated a treasure trove of pictures that told the real story of the war.

After the war he put them away and became a college teacher with assignments around the country including Hawaii. That is where he was offered an opportunity to revisit Vietnam. At first he refused the offer but later realized it could be an elixer for the PTSD that was driving him to distraction. He and his family lived in Vietnam for years while John worked on humanitarian projects. He even met a Vietnamese gentleman who fought against him at the Battle of Dak To. They both revisited the battleground for a healing experience they both needed.

After he returned to this country, John decided "It's time these pictures found their way home to those heroes of a generation, from across the nation and beyond the war. That they are welcomed home." To do this he created the "Through the Eyes Traveling Museum and started traveling across the country. John’s photographs have been combined with over 2000 related Vietnam items in the museum and with his own resources he travels cross country and spends 16 hours setting up the museum at each location with the help of one faithful volunteer, Glen Blake.

Thousands of veterans, their families, students and others have enjoyed the museum and gained a totally new perspective of the war in Vietnam.

This whole show that John and Glen puts on around the country is financed out of John’s pocket or through donations. Usually a dollar at the time in their donation container (a five gallon water bottle). They need help to continue with this incredible project of helping show America the real story or the Vietnam War. You can help by sending a donation to John to help defray some of his expenses.

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